“Legendary late-night destination for the Bristol arts crowd” (Eating Out West).

Cosy bar, steeped in history and long-standing relationship with Bristol Old Vic

“Late-opening cultural delight enjoyed by regulars from all walks of life. Pick up a pizza in the company of celebrities, or eavesdrop post-theatre chat with a pint” (Venue).

“A much loved favourite” (The Observer)

“A family-run concern, a fact  which sings in warm contralto from every inch of its idiosyncratic walls. Walls bedecked with theatrical posters and signed photos of familiar thesps who’ve propped up the bar during runs at the Old Vic. Isn’t that a bit anachronistic you might ask? Of course it is, and that’s how pubs whould be. They should act their age, flaunt the history that has allowed them to evolve into something with an authentic and distinctive character. Renato’s isn’t some try-hard, quango-designed numpty magnet.  It’s a lovely, friendly, unpretentious pub.” (Byron Vincent, Poet)

“Renato’s is the kind of place I only dreamed about before I moved to Bristol. The kind of ‘local’ you see in cool retro films shot in New York City. The walls adorned with old muscic posters and flags and the whole place cluttered with old wine bottles and candles. It’s one of the coolest late night bars in town which fills up with a compelling mix of Italians and their pals, older theatre goers and young musicians, artists and journalists (that’s me). Describing it makes me want to be there now – the sun is out and they even have outdoor seating, could you ask for more?! It sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t. Check it out.” (Yelp)

“A warm Bohemian atmosphere with traditional Italian pizza. This place has a real buzz about it and has been popular with artists, actors and writers for years. Best thing was the fantastic mix of customers of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.” (Google)

“Pizzas are delicious, authentic and traditional and are large enough to share, if you’re feeling generous that is.” (Yelp)

“The food offers excellent value with a large range of pizzas that don’t scrimp on quantity or quality, as they’re delicious and quite literally dwarf the plate. And if you really want to shove out the sailing vessel, garlic bread and side salads are only a couple of quid each.” (Yelp)

“Right next to the Old Vic, Renato’s is a pin in the map of good places to go in Bristol. With a really nice atmosphere and fairly cheap prices, open fire  in the winter and walls entirely adorned with theatre posters or signed photos of various actors from over the years, this is an excellent bar/restaurant which is really worth a look in.” (Yelp)

Photo of well-known actors adorning the walls of Renato's

“We visited as we were eating late and it was one of the only places still serving food in the centre. Pizzas are straightforward, with ingredients that seemed to be fresh. Suited just fine for a late-night bite.” (Tripadvisor)

“This place is amazing! The lager is fresh and sweet, the wine recommended by the staff was awesome and certainly didn’t break the bank. The food was fantastic, and I could not fault the service, I was welcomed in and treated like family. I will bring friends and family back here in the near future. Fully recommended!” (Google Plus)

“I have been going to Renatos for years and absolutely love the place, on my last visit I got chatting to Renato’s daughter who took great pleasure in enlightning me about the stories behind the wonderful mix of signed autographs pinned to the walls. Given the fact that it is located a few doors down from the Bristol Old Vic theatre this is no surprise and clearly an old hot spot for the actors that have performed there over the years. It makes for an interesting evening trying to identify who the famous faces are. It has great charm and attracts a really friendly crowd. It’s also open late so a great place to go for that ‘one for the road’.” (118.com)

“Renato’s has bags and bags of character and you’re sure to have a good time whether you’re going there for a quick drink, or even just to try their world famous pizza bar. Being next door to the Old Vic, the walls and ceilings are plastered with old theatre posters and signed autographs from the various celebs who have frequented the bar over the years. There’s also an old piano who’ll find somebody knocking out a tune or two now and again. All of this makes it quite a unique place.” (Yelp)

“A real jewel in the Bristol crown so go along and sample its delights for yourself.” (Yelp)

“With its relaxed atmosphere, bargain prices and simple grub, this well known late night haunt is a perfect place to grab a bite at any time without having to mind your Ps and Qs. The interior is bright and the walls are decorated with pics of hundreds of celebs who have dined there while performing at the Old Vic next door. These range from the great (Alan Rickman) to the not so great (Lofty off Eastenders).  If you fancy something cheep and extremely cheerful, get down there, get your elbows on the table and enjoy a tasty meal for less than the price of a takeaway. If it’s good enough for Lofty off Eastenders, then it’s good enough for me!”. (Yelp)

” I’ve never had a pizza I didn’t love – and it’s a great, quirky space to just hang out for a while!” (Tripadvisor)

“Ottimo Cibo. Si mangia benissimo e lo staff è italiano.” (Tripadvisor)